Grill, smoke and sear your way to culinary masterpieces that will keep them coming back for more

If you're like most,

you want to prepare food for friends and family with pride and confidence. But grilling is complicated.

A friendship forged in fire...

We’ve both grilled top meats for decades, but our friendship is more recent. It took root during a hunting excursion while cooking outdoors with friends and family around a campfire. When we learned we’re both diehard foodies – we started collaborating.

And when we couldn’t find a spice blend that did everything we wanted it to – with the right combination of flavor, balance and top-shelf quality – we created our own.

Since then, we’ve been welcomed with open arms by the tightknit BBQ community of Texas pitmasters, cooks, and fabricators. The rest is history in the making …

Meet team Bookhaus

Kyle Booker

Kyle grew up in Virginia, quickly learning how to live off the land — hunting, fishing, farming and cooking. His main culinary influence comes from childhood memories of visiting the old smokehouses of Southeastern Virginia. There, fresh hams are salted and smoked daily with apple or hickory wood.

Chase Hauser

A native Texan, Chase naturally is a dedicated outdoorsman with a passion for hunting and fishing in his great state and beyond. From bringing home catfish to blue crab boils in Matagorda, Chase was influenced by traditional Texas cuisine and the state’s natural bounty.

Ready to level-up your grilling game?

Own it with rubs you can rub on any meat or vegetable.

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